Exisiting GWR Locomotives - Record of the old GWR Steam Trains still in existence
Existing Great Western Railway Locos
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 GWR No.NameMain LocationInformationMore
Diesel RailcarNRM YorkOn displayMore
(now No 6515 Isebrook)Buckinghamshire Railway CentreSteaming 2020More
Diesel RailcarKent & East Sussex RailwayUnder restorationMore
Diesel RailcarGWS – DidcotOperational 2020More
Steam RailmotorGWS – DidcotSteaming 2020More
(Taff Vale "O2" No 85)Keighley & Worth Valley RailwaySteaming 2020More
(Taff Vale "O1" No 28)Gwili RailwayOn display - Cosmetically restoredMore
(Port Talbot Railway No 26)Severn Valley RailwaySteaming 2020More
(Powlesland & Mason No 6)Mountsorrel Railway Leicestershire On displayMore
County of GlamorganGWS – DidcotNew constructionMore
 GWS – DidcotAwaiting overhaulMore
Trojan (Alexandra Docks & Railway)Locomotive Maintenance Services, LoughboroughUnder overhaulMore
 GWS – DidcotUnder overhaulMore
 South Devon RailwaySteaming 2020More
MargaretScolton Manor MuseumUnder restorationMore
 South Devon RailwayUnder overhaulMore
 Tiverton MuseumOn displayMore
 Severn Valley Railway Steaming 2020More
 Severn Valley RailwaySteaming 2020More
 Kent & East Sussex RailwaySteaming 2019More
 GWR Steam, SwindonOn displayMore
 Gloucestershire Warwickshire RailwayUnder overhaulMore
 GWR Steam, SwindonOn displayMore
 Severn Valley RailwaySteaming 2020More
 CongletonAwaiting restorationMore

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